Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Adbrite PPC Network : Dissapointment

Adbrite PPC network advertising has been taken down from Dollars blog. After more then 6 months of use of Adbrite, it is time for me to say goodbye to it. I liked Adbrite because they had relaxed rules. Unfortunately, Adbrite is a very poor earner. It simply wasn’t worth even having on the website. I had been looking around for other PPC networks that would have a better chance of being more profitable then Adbrite. Something other then Google Adsense.

After checking out a lot of PPC programs and reading other peoples opinions, I decided to try revenuePilot PPC advertising program. There is some interesting things I like about it already. Right now I will be testing it for the next few weeks to see how it goes. Once I am done testing it, I will give a full review it. If you’re a webmaster using Adbrite or some other PPC network you will want to stay tuned for that future review.

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