Tuesday, June 26, 2007

AdSense or AdBrite? Maybe both!

Here comes the big question (no, it’s not what’s the meaning of life) - AdSense or AdBrite. We know that both are quite good pay per click programs, but which one to choose? I’ll share my experience with you and give you some tips on better traffic monetizing.

My universal advice is to start always with AdSense. Perhaps, it’s (not if the best) one of the best pay per click programs on the web. After all, Google owns it. But don’t go putting too many ads on your site. Remember that AdSense has some tight politics on the number of ads on one page. Try integrating your ads with your design. If you need inspiration or examples, check out adClustr.

However, what happens if I use both? That’s where all the buzz is. There’s a nice gap in the AdSense politics - one can put competing ads while still having AdSense on one page, as long as they do not look the same. A good way of not mixing up AdSense with AdBrite is to put AdSense in your content and AdBrite in your side panel. That’s what I’m talking about:

Quite a clever way of putting two pay per click programs on one page, isn’t it?

I recently got an e-mail from a visitor, so I had to answer this question. What I would give you as a personal opinion is to just work with either AdSense, or AdBrite. Otherwise, your earnings will be split in two. Just concentrate on integrating one pay per click system and getting the max out of it. Good luck

Stay tuned for more.

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