Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three Reasons to Put Text Ads

You have a site. One with many visitors and good content. So, what kind of monetizing should you choose? Text ads or banner ads? In this guide I’ll give you three pretty good reasons to use text ads instead of banners.

Visitors don’t like banners. Let’s face it - they’re a web cliche. Nobody (including me) likes bright images with flashing text and some stupid stock photos looking at us as monkeys. I overdid it a little bit but I’m saying the truth.
Text ads have a higher click through rate. It’s not surprising if you read the first reason for using text ads. You have a much better chance of more clicks on text ads because users get a better, simpler and not such an intrusive explanation of the site that is being advertised.
Customizing text ads. Unlike banners, you can customize the look of your text ads. Color, background, border. That’s quite important. The more integrated your ads are, the bigger the change that your visitors will check them out.
So the next time you put AdSense or AdBrite on your site, be sure to put some nicely integrated text ads. You will have bigger profits.

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