Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Need clicks? Put AdSense where it’s hot!

So, you have your own site with (probably) good content, nice design and enough visitors to earn money from PPC programs. Good. But there’s one more thing that nobody should ignore - the AdSense positioning strategy…

Basically, you put your ads where they are visible enough for the visitors of your site. Then you blend the ad box with your design so that the ads will look good. And here comes the key - putting them where the clicks are hot. What I mean is that you can’t put the ad 200px away from the content, for example, and expect clicks. Usually, visitors do not view ads, unless they are in the content themselves, showing site-related text ads.

If you read the blog regularly, you must know the change of AdSense politics that occurred recently - web publishers can now place three link units as well as three ads on a page. So think. Place them strategically. Don’t put them all in one place - have one in your sidebar, one below your content title and perhaps one below your content. In this way visitors will surely check out the ads and probably click on them = benefit for you, the market and your wallet.

What I would give you as advice is to check out some ad integration tips and examples at adClustr. One can really get some great ideas from there

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